Relieve Counselling is excited to offer counselling services covered by ICBC. We understand that addressing trauma and stress from accidents is crucial for overall well-being, and we're dedicated to helping clients access the support they need without financial burden. ICBC covers up to $141.75 per session, you only need to pay the remaining amount depending on your counsellor's fee... AND we do direct billing!

Our counsellors are trained in EMDR therapy which is often used in cases like car accidents to help people overcome their trauma/post-traumatic stress as a result of their accident.

Our experienced counsellors provide a safe and empathetic space for individuals seeking assistance in their recovery journey. We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to heal and thrive, and we are committed to assisting our clients in achieving just that through our ICBC-covered counselling services. All we need from you is your claim number and your date of accident - and we will get you set up!