Couples Counselling

Couples Counselling

Managing conflict

In working with couples, we believe that counselling is more than helping couples manage conflict. Counselling focuses on transforming connection, love, and respect for each individual in order to thrive in partnership. Trained in Gottman Couples Therapy, our therapists incorporates the tools and knowledge of world renowned relationship therapists Julie and John Gottman. Through the Gottman method, couples learn how to effectively deal with trauma and conflict as well as learning more about each other, increasing intimacy, and improving the overall well-being of the relationship. Your therapist will help each partner learn to keep conflict discussions calm, break through gridlock issues, and develop rituals for connection. They prioritizes the safety and comfortability of the counselling space so each individual feels heard, understood, and cared for. Begin your journey to a stronger and healthier relationship today!

Our areas of focus

Affairs/Infidelity | Dealing with partner's past abuse | Disagreements | Divorce | Codependency | Coping skills | Feeling of "falling out of love" | Financial Stress | Grief | In-law struggles | Lack of time for each other | Learning how to have a thriving relationship | Life transitions | Loss of identity | Neglect | Poor boundaries | Preemptive work | Preparing for a child | Relationship anxiety | Separation | Stress | Supporting partner with mental illness

Our counsellors that specialize in working with couples

Lana Farah

Courtney Sukkau