Individual Counselling

Counselling for adults

Individual counselling can help you understand your triggers, manage your stress, lower your reaction time, create healthy boundaries, and help you become the integrated person you've been wanting to become. It is where you get to put yourself first and not let your past trauma or people define you.

Individual Counselling

Our areas of focus

Anger management | Anxiety | Boundaries | Burn-out | Childhood trauma | Codependency | Coping skills | Depression | Emotional disturbance | Emotional abuse | Financial abuse | Grief | Life transitions | Loss of identity | Negative thoughts | Neglect | Peer relationships | Personal growth | Physical abuse | PTSD | Psychological abuse | Relationship Issues | Self Esteem | Sexual Abuse | Shame | Spirituality | Spiritual Abuse | Stress | Suicidal Ideation | Trauma

Our counsellors that work with individuals

Ivah Lumalang

Arthur Tiojanco

Saloni Shah

Lindsay Ries

Lana Farah

Laura Proctor

Courtney Sukkau